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After sales support

Reliability resides not only in components quality, supply chain stability and state of the art manufacturing processes. Reliability is also providing best in class After Sales Service to all our customers worldwide. At BP the customer always comes first. Our After Sale department is fully committed to provide immediate response to customers and partners enquiries. BP is fully aware that machine downtime represents a cost to our customers and it is our responsibility to help resolving any issue that may arise as fast as possible.

Our After Sales Team is structured to respond to spare parts requests and technical enquires about our different product families by means of technical specialists available on the phone and if necessary on site to provide the necessary know how to our customers and partners.

We provide maintenance service for all our trucks in the field. The service is executed by our authorized partners and dealers or by one of our technicians in case of our direct customers. Our authorized partners in the world have a team of qualified service technicians that have been properly trained at our factory.

All our trucks are delivered with a “Usage and Maintenance Book” containing a comprehensive set of instructions and technical information to enable the end user to keep the truck in the  best efficiency conditions to prevent damages and failures and to extend the truck lifetime.